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MAK Consulting offers expert experience in all areas of manufacturing execution systems.

We use a proprietary and fully customizable framework for implementing systems that deliver all your project requirements.

Inventory Management

MAK has implemented several systems to manage the production, consumption, and transfer of inventory on the plant floor and in warehouses.

Quality Management

Quality management is often integrated directly with inventory management, where tests on the production floor are performed immediately at time of production, or later in the lab.  MAK’s solutions encompass a rich set of quality data analysis to help drive your quality objectives.


Recipe Management

The key to quality is repeatability.  The key to repeatability is controlling your process through the use of product specific setpoints, ingredient quantities, batch sizes, and quality attributes. Our system can interface with automation to download recipe parameters, targets, and ranges, and then track and record actual process parameters to highlight and notify deviations to operators.

Downtime/Performance Tracking

With increasing competition in the marketplace, it is becoming more important to get finished products out the door at the lowest cost possible. One major component of this cost is the efficiency at which a product is manufactured and where the losses in efficiency come from. With the downtime tracking module we are able to automatically capture downtime events from various pieces of equipment on a line, and in combination with automated and manual feedback, determine root causes for why a bottleneck machine went down. With this data we can provide insightful reports that help steer people in the right direction to improve line efficiency. With an increased efficiency, the bottom line increases as well.

Automation Integration

In the modern factory a large portion of the equipment is run in a largely automatic fashion, driven by PLC logic across an array of different devices.  By integrating with these devices, we are able to automatically capture events with accuracy. These events can range from product consumptions and movements to capturing data points at key points in the process such as temperatures, speeds, valve positions, etc. for quality assurance purposes. You can ensure consistency and accuracy of data by capturing this data automatically rather than relying on manual intervention from operators.

Batch Management

Many processes in factories require multiple batches to be executed in order to satisfy the requirements of a production order. In order to do this with accurate genealogy we provide the ability to configure target batch sizes for each material and equipment combination and to track each individual batches as they are executed. This includes full genealogy tracking for materials going into and coming out of the process for each of these batches, as well as quality checks performed on these runs. With this information, in the event of a recall we can accurately track back the minimal number of batches/products that need to be pulled, rather than recalling the entire order.