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Meet our professionals and experts in business consulting services

Tim Weiler

Tim founded MAK with his partners Rob Sealey and Josh Chapman in 2013. Tim is a programmer and enjoys mentoring his teammates on the many aspects of being successful. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports and watching the Leafs win.

Rob Sealey

Rob has been developing software for over 25 years. He founded MAK with his partners out of his desire to create a simpler, more effective MES framework.
In his spare time Rob enjoys cycling, running, and all things outdoors.

Josh Chapman

As a leader at MAK Consulting Group, Josh is responsible for keeping the project delivery team on task and on schedule. Outside of work Josh enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.

Stefan Andrushenko

We deliver custom software solutions for manufacturing. Every factory has its own processes and methodology meaning that each rollout must be tailored to those specific needs. As a Project Manager, Stefan collaborates with the process engineers and other stakeholders to ensure the solution is installed and configured specifically to meet their needs. Additionally, as Project Lead he helps to ensure all MAK project rollouts are successful.

Alex Taccone

Alex has been building and supporting various Manufacturing Execution Systems for years. He has experience with pretty much every aspect of DMO. Alex is an ultimate frisbee player/captain/coach/observer, a Baseball Canada umpire with 20+ years experience, and he holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Krystian Booker

Krystian is a Full Stack Developer focused on developing new functionality to fulfill client requests, specializing in web development and systems integration.

Brad Hunt

A self proclaimed, “jack of all trades…master of none”, Brad is happy to help in all areas. Brad can be found wearing several different hats including project lead, developer, business analyst, and whatever else the project at hand requires.

Tara Baker

Tara is a Senior Programmer Analyst and scrum master for MAK’s global solution. She enjoys challenging technical problems and onboarding MAK’s newest team members. In her spare time you can find her hanging with her family, hiking or binge watching her favourite tv series.

Ben Fan

Ben joined MAK in 2022 as a Business Intelligence Analyst. He enjoys analyzing business data to develop a solution to its problems and glad to be part of a team that prides itself on being friendly, professional, and respectful.

Mike Szucsik

Mike leads the support team in efficiently and effectively solving end-users’ technical issues within our software. He is always willing to share his knowledge or lend a hand to get something figured out.

Isaiah Flood

Isaiah is a Business Analyst. His responsibility is to ensure client requirements are being recorded and realized. Isaiah has a strong passion for people and working as part of a team.

Ken Vahl

Ken Vahl has an educational background in software development and joined MAK in October 2020 as a Programmer/Analyst. He is experienced with the Performance and Core modules. Ken’s hobbies include golf and playing guitar.

Jincy James

Jincy is a QA Analyst at MAK, responsible for maintaining quality and keeping software bug-free. Her approach to Quality Assurance starts with imagining the application from different stakeholder perspectives and anticipating their needs, to grow confidence and trust in the developed application. In her spare time, Jincy enjoys painting, crafting, and decorating.

Neb Nenadovic

Neb is a seasoned QA professional with over 20 years of hands in testing complex software applications. At MAK he is primarily focused on ensuring high quality of software components for DMO Core, Inventory and Performance Modules and is also expending this on other areas of DMO functionality.

Tyler Reh

Tyler is responsible for leading the automation integration department. Automation Integration includes everything from PLC programming and communication, Human Machine Interfaces, Networking, OPC, Wonderware ArchestrA and more. More simply put, he ensures data is acquired appropriately for utilization by the operator, the machinery, and DMO. In addition to these duties, he also manages and configured DMO factory projects. In his spare time, Tyler is an avid fisherman, and plays electric guitar in a band.

Ravi Pharma

Ravi’s background is Software/Systems Engineering and Dev-QA Management with a focus on customer advocacy. Ravi’s development interests involve connecting people, building customer relationships, and providing optimum solutions products: IP protocols and networking, wireless connectivity, embedded real-time systems, IoT, and data analytics. Ravi is an avid runner who enjoys gardening and all things physics/astronomy.

Clinton Lam

Handling incoming tickets from customer on DMO. Provides varies fixes or rectify application configuration to suit the factory everyday use cases. We also help on maintaining and keeps on enhancing the performance of the application. Everyday is a challenge!

Andrew Lister

Andrew enjoys not just programming, but also meeting and supporting the users of MAK’s software. Having lived in Japan for 17 years, he likes to spend free time in Japanese language study groups, maintaining his own speaking ability and helping other learners. He enjoys cycling, watching movies, going to concerts, and singing loud, slightly off-key karaoke.

Colin Leslie

Colin has been working with MAK as a programmer analyst since May 2019. Colin has a passion for all things science and outdoors. After work you can find him out for a hike or spending time with friends.

Jiawei Zhang

Jiawei is a Software Developer at MAK. He enjoys coding as a hobby and likes learning new things about technology. Jiawei has two dogs, a Corgi named Loki and a Shiba Inu named Gugu. He enjoys hiking, travelling, and skiing.

Zach Farrant

Zach started his career at MAK in April 2022. He is a Programmer Analyst that finds challenging work and helping wherever possible very rewarding. In his free time Zach enjoys going to the gym, playing golf, binge watching tv series, and most importantly tending to his large collection of aquariums.

Kevin Craig

Kevin is a programmer and a hobbyist game developer with a background in internet marketing. He enjoys playing hockey, video games, and loves to help his peers succeed.

Fabio Romano

Fabio enjoys helping people solve problems. Removing processes that are difficult and tedious, and replacing them with an efficient and pleasant experience. Watching people use an improved system that leaves them in delight is the ultimate reward.

Lauren Stephen

As Technical Writer, Lauren is charged with ensuring the remarkable design and development work happening in DMO is communicated to stakeholders as effectively as possible. Documentation duties include writing end-user guides and producing slide decks for stakeholder demo presentations. His favourite colour is the same as his favourite condiment: mustard.

Alex Islip

Alex was hired in 2022 as a programmer and he loves to learn and engage in conversation with his colleagues. He is a team player and enjoys taking on challenges to push himself to be better every day. On his free time, he likes to watch F1 on the weekends, exercise and catching fish.

Marshall Menogue

Marshall is a certified PMP with a Civil/Chemical Engineering background. He joined MAK in 2022 as a Software Implementation Specialist focusing on client inquires regarding DMO projects. In his spare time he studies health sciences, plays hockey, and practices guitar.

Diana Benedetti

Diana is obsessed with data. She enjoys learning about new ways of managing data to make wiser decisions. On her free time, she likes to cook and spend time with her family and friends.

Sam Tewelde

Sam enjoys his role on the BA/Software Implementation team as it allows him to collaborate with MAK’s clientele. Sam has an eclectic history including experience with project management, real estate analytics, and warehouse management. These days, you can find him going on adventures with his family or immersed in a problem he’s trying to solve.

Immanuel Prince

Immanuel joined the MAK team as a programmer analyst in December 2022. He loves coding, problem solving, and learning new things. In his free time, he likes to take pictures of wildlife, play games, watch movies, listen to music, and drink coffee by the fireplace.

Jonathon Elst

Jonathon joined the MAK team in January 2023 as a program analyst with previous experience in tech-based startups. He won’t turn down an opportunity to learn an interesting new skill, but mostly enjoys balancing his life around solving complex problems, lifting weights, and socializing with friends.

Ryan Hergert

Ryan is a programmer analyst on the MAK team. He enjoys overcoming challenges to contribute to effective software. In his spare time Ryan can often be found practicing archery, studying philosophy, or playing boardgames.