MAK Consulting Group

Big goals, big ideas

Our History

MAK Consulting was founded by three partners in 2013 who were working in the food manufacturing space, but had grown tired of the toolset that was available as an industry standard. Most of these products in the space were very proprietary and were based upon technology from the previous decade. 

We saw an opportunity to develop custom software solutions for manufacturers that would be more flexible for the customers need, and substantially more user friendly by using newer technology stacks.

Our vision is to continue to grow the company, while managing to provide the same level of service to our customers such that they keep coming back to us exclusively for further implementations and development of our software.

Our Mission

MAK Consulting strives to provide the most cost-effective solutions that fit our customers specific needs, with minimal licensing costs to them.

Our Values

MAK Consulting Group is an exciting and innovative software development company creating solutions that help our clients measure, track and analyze performance, inventory, and quality across their enterprise.  We operate within the Food, Beverage, Confection, and Infant formula industries.

MAK Consulting offers expert experience in all areas of manufacturing execution systems.  We use a proprietary and fully customizable framework for implementing systems that deliver all your project requirements.